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New exhibition

Banks Peninsula Landscapes is a new exhibition now on at Akaroa Museum.

Out of the darkness…

There’s a new exhibition at Akaroa Museum. Banks Peninsula Landscapes is a selection of watercolour and oil paintings, and one pencil drawing, from the Akaroa Museum collection.

Works on paper such as the watercolour paintings and pencil drawing are particularly prone to damage from exposure to light so are stored in total darkness when not on display. Somehow, bringing these works out of the store and putting them on display feels a little like an allegory of our collective emergence from lockdown, as we find ourselves blinking in the light of our increased freedom of movement and association. 

The selection includes works that have been in the collection for decades as well as more recent acquisitions. Some works are on display here for the first time. Some works are conserved, others not. Works by professional artists sit alongside that of amateurs. However, all have the beautiful Banks Peninsula as their subject.

Akaroa Museum is open from 10:30am until 4pm daily.